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Founded in 2001, Sonexis Technology is a leading global provider of turn-key on-premise audio & web conferencing platforms for the enterprise. A subsidiary of Compunetix with headquarters in Monroeville, PA, and a technology center outside Boston, MA, Sonexis has set new standards for ease-of-use and security for both on-premise & cloud conferencing deployments. Today, most organizations rely on third-party conferencing services that charge a fixed per-minute fee for conferencing—the more you use, the more you pay. As your organization’s need for collaboration increases, so do your costs. However, in today’s increasingly distributed world, that equation isn’t feasible, so you must identify alternatives to keep your organization competitive. The best way to describe and differentiate the ConferenceManager™ is the word investment. Since conferencing costs can be broken down into three fundamental elements—bridging, transport, and administration—multiple solutions might be possible. Invariably, owning a conferencing bridge is the most effective way to address the bridging component.
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On-Premise Model

The ConferenceManager™ bridge is an easy-to-administer, secure, cost-effective on-premise conferencing solution that can be deployed in a matter of hours. By offering audio and/or web conferencing within a single platform, Sonexis provides a best-of-breed solution to meet the needs of an evolving unified communications landscape. Because the ConferenceManager™ is PBX independent, it works with any existing voice or data network (PSTN, H.323, and SIP) and preserves your existing infrastructure investment.
Sonexis scales easily from as little as 12 to 1000 ports and/or web seats, allowing you to add capacity, protocols, or features simply by applying a new software license key which provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to buy what you need when you need it. If conferencing is an integral part of your business communications, then why not own that ability and technology outright? With absolute license ownership, you only pay for the ports you need.
Once purchased, there is never a license renewal nor a fee based on the number of employees within the company. All too often, companies pay a fee per employee, even if those employees never utilize the service. After a three-year depreciation period, owning the application will reduce your organization’s collaboration costs and deliver the most rapid ROI versus traditional telephony product deployments.

ConferenceBurst™ Model

The growing trend in on-premise conferencing systems deployed in a private cloud has many technology decision-makers asking the question: How do I account for increased demand and fluctuation in our conferencing usage when I’m locked into a predetermined number of ports on our in-house bridge?
The Sonexis ConferenceBurst™ feature has revolutionized how on-premise conference bridge deployments are viewed from a total cost of ownership perspective by enabling the ability for our software to dynamically expand port capacity on-demand when needed.
ConferenceBurst™ is a flexible solution built into the ConferenceManager™ platform supporting unpredictable conferencing usage patterns. ConferenceBurst™ allows the system to transparently scale beyond the number of licensed ports (on-demand) without necessarily owning the ports and eliminates the need for a service provider for larger than normal calls, subsequently reducing the cost associated with the demand for higher capacity.

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Managed Service Offering (MSO) Model

When most of your conferencing traffic is off-network (external), a Sonexis managed service deployment can help avoid incremental infrastructure costs (i.e., T1’s or PBX expansion) by hosting and managing your conferencing platform at our data-center facility here in the United States.
With ConferenceBurst™, enable your buy capacity based on average peaks vs. pure peaks, which greatly improves the Sonexis ROI. You simply purchase a conferencing platform; lease the T1s from the facility, and Sonexis takes care of the ongoing backup, maintenance, and support of the bridge. Best of all, you can leave the administration to us.
In the end, most small-to-medium-sized organizations find this hybrid solution—you own the equipment, we provide the provisioning and administration—to be the optimal way to maximize savings.

ConferenceManager™ (JITC) Government Solutions

ConferenceManager™ 10.0 has been certified by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). It is listed on the Department of Defense (DOD) Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products Listing (APL). The platform is certified for use with any switch on the Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL) that is certified interoperable within the Defense Switched Network (DSN).
The JITC-certified ConferenceManager™ system is a state-of-the-art audio conferencing platform engineered to deliver a highly secure audio conferencing solution for the Department of Defense. The system is compatible with all APL-listed voice switches and offers unmatched operational flexibility supporting ad-hoc and scheduled conferences as well as pre-set blast dial sessions. Highly reliable, simple to deploy, and easy to operate, ConferenceManager™ is based on Windows 2008 Server and Intel hardware. With an optional redundant disk and power, the system offers the latest in platform security and reliability.

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