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Ready-Access® is an on-demand reservation-less audio conferencing service with a global reach. It’s ideal for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, virtually instantaneously bringing together colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers, any time of day or night to maximize time, resources, and productivity for faster revenue attainment. Ready-Access is designed to be the most reliable on-demand conferencing available. This unmatched reliability makes Lumen’s Ready-Access the best choice for customers who rely heavily on conferencing services and need a provider that can accommodate rapid growth. Ready-Access leverages the Lumen network and has an economical price point, making it a cost-effective conferencing solution for all business customers.

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Ready-Access Connect Solutions

Regardless of the environment or device, accessing Ready-Access Connect Solutions is pretty easy!

  • Ready-Access Connect Mobile: Use your Apple®, iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry® to start or join a Ready-Access meeting.
  • Ready-Access Connect Desktop: Start and control Ready-Access and Web Meeting conferences right from your desktop.
  • Ready-Access Connect Calendar: Schedule and start Ready-Access and Web Meeting conferences from Microsoft® Outlook or Google Calendar.

Event Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Event call is a highly reliable, 100% operator-assisted, full-service conference call that is reservations-based. The event offers the highest level of formality of all audio call types and provides several additional security options for customers. Participants can access this service by dialing in on either a toll or a toll-free number or by being dialed out to by an operator. This call is suitable for three to several thousand participants.
Event Call conferencing solutions enhance the effectiveness of business communications. Complex conferences are managed seamlessly so that presenters can concentrate on the content of their communications, rather than diverting valuable time and expertise managing the technology.

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Communications as a Service (CaaS)

CenturyLink Communications as a Service (CaaS) is part of the Lumen Cloud Services portfolio. CaaS is a Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based audio collaboration application offering high-touch features in a cloud-based solution. It creates a platform that combines our IP Virtual Private Network (IPVPN), SIP Trunking, and Ready-Access® hosted audio conferencing services for a superb collaboration experience.
In addition to a higher quality experience enabled by the “on-net” nature of the service, another attractive element of CaaS is that Lumen offers this service in a shared-seat billing model via a monthly fee. This provides customers with more simple and predictable billing versus per-minute pricing. For the monthly shared-seat fee, users receive access to unlimited global audio conferencing minutes. Shared-seat billing also lowers communications costs, increases overall communications efficiency, and reduces the need to travel, resulting in smaller corporate carbon footprints.

Ready-Access Web Meeting

Web Meeting combines ease-of-use and sophisticated marketing tools to increase audience engagement and interaction for improved ROI with meetings that are more productive. Fully integrated with Ready-Access audio conferencing enables you to communicate anytime with anyone, virtually anywhere. It’s ideal for scheduled or impromptu meetings, training sessions, and much more.
Using Web Meeting, participants can join meetings with ease because there are no complicated downloads or special software requirements. The Flash-based player for participants makes entering a web conference quick and easy. Plus, Web Meeting offers industry-best platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and superior browser support for Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

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Cisco WebEx™

Cisco WebEx, delivered by Lumen, is a full-featured web conferencing service that enables rich, collaborative sharing of applications. Integrated with Lumen’s Ready-Access audio, Cisco WebEx solutions give the control and functionality needed to make the most out of virtual meetings with the benefits of an in-person meeting. It is an on-demand, reservation-less, web-based meeting and productivity service that enhances Ready-Access on-demand audio conferencing with helpful meeting coordination and data collaboration tools.


Lumen video conferencing services allow you to overcome the challenges and complexity associated with managing videoconferences. Lumen operates three globally diverse video bridging centers that allow us to provide our customers with a full suite of high tech, IP, and ISDN video conferencing services before, during, and after the call.
Our video conferencing services provide video over IP and ISDN platforms, using multipoint bridging to connect multiple sites. iVideoconferencing™ sends ISDN calls onto our advanced IP network, minimizing dependence on international ISDN lines for superior quality, reliability, and cost savings. Enhanced options available with our video conferencing services include scheduling, recording, and hybrid meetings that combine our audio and video services.

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