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Tactical Digital provides audio, web, and video conferencing, VoIP telephone services, electronic fax to email, messaging and notification services, online data backup, and other cloud solutions. Whatever their needs, Tactical Digital uses its expertise to guide clients through the discovery process.
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Conferencing & Collaboration

Tactical Digital represents some of the top conferencing providers in the industry. We help you explore all of the possibilities that fit your business, with the right features and functions to improve your business productivity. There is no charge for our consultation, which includes return on investment analysis, transition planning, and execution.

Through our trusted partners, we can offer both on-premise and off-premise models. On-premise models give you the option of owning your own hardware and works with any existing voice or data network.

Not sure which conferencing solution is right for you? Our experts will help guide you in choosing the conferencing products and services that meet the unique needs of your business or government agency.
Whether you need occasional service or have a large corporate requirement with a need for thousands of minutes per month, one of our partners has the service and the price point that meets your demands.

Our conferencing services are powered by PGI (formerly Premiere Global), Lumen (formerly Level 3), NTT, and Sonexis.


Contact Centers and Contact Center Add-Ons

From complete contact centers to additional capabilities for your existing contact center, Tactical Digital’s partners always deliver. With in-the-cloud contact centers, you can include new implementations fast and cost-effectively with minimal to no capital expenditures.

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Electronic Fax

Electronic Fax

Fax machines are not secure, and in most organizations, documents exchanged via fax are not reliably logged and archived. They can get lost permanently. Electronic fax connects your fax numbers directly to your document management system and your email system, both of which are already secure, archived, and configured for your document flows.

Tactical Digital has electronic fax customers of all sizes – from single-fax number offices to government departments with thousands of fax numbers. We have the industry’s leading suppliers of hosted and on-premises electronic fax services ready to serve you. Each one has unique features and pricing plans to fit your requirements.


Notifications and Reminders

Notify tens, hundreds, thousands or more by phone, fax, email or text message instantly. Examples include: “The school is closed.”; “Register for the conference.”; “Your order is ready for pickup.”; “Please report to the Southside Complex tomorrow. Press 1 to acknowledge this message or 2 to be connected to the Scheduling Office.”
Remind clients, customers, and staff of their appointments, deliveries, work schedules, and the like. “You have an appointment with Dr. Jones at 2:45 Friday, September 12th. We’ll see you then!”
Announce important events, sales, meetings, and conferences.
Distribute newsletters, documents, and invoices.
Use a web page form to upload the numbers, then phone in the message and choose when the messages will be sent. Emailed reports will show success or failure for each message. An API is available to automate the process.

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Phone Systems

With IP technology, you’ll receive the reliability and quality you need for your business telephone requirements. Not only that, you can slash both capital expenditures and recurring costs because, with Voice over IP (VoIP), there is no PBX on your premise(s).
Small businesses, home offices, and even single-line businesses can enjoy feature-rich service, traditionally reserved for large companies, for less than the cost of a local Telco business line by using business-class IP voice.

Bigger businesses – before you buy, replace or expand your PBX, you need to look at VoIP. If you are looking at VoIP, check out Tactical Digital’s Hosted IP PBX service and Polycom’s digital SIP-standard IP phone sets with HD voice.

Don’t put a PBX in your closet; outsource it to Tactical Digital. Capital, maintenance and space savings along with flexibility, enhanced disaster recovery, scalability, seamless mobility, unified multi-site communications, and flat-rate long distance are just some of the advantages of our hosted business IP solution and Polycom phones.
Tactical Digital is also proud to offer IP call termination (SIP Trunking), Internet access, and other telecommunications services.

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