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PGi is a global leader in virtual meetings, serving our customers since 1991. For twenty-five years, we have been dedicated to bringing the best virtual collaboration experience to each and every business, government, and NGO professional around the world. Through our product innovation, our global network, and world-class customer support, PGi helps customers host better meetings, which in turn, allows them to conduct better business, contributing to increased sales, the accelerated development, and dissemination of ideas improved productivity, and growth.
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About PGi

PGi is the world’s largest pure-play provider of collaboration software and services. Our unified collaboration platform empowers business, agency, and association users and teams to connect, share ideas, and manage projects with the simplicity and everywhere-access of the latest cloud-based technologies.
PGi is trusted by many of the world’s most discriminating buyers of technology, including 75 percent of the Fortune 100. Organizations choose PGi for its reliability, security, and ability to manage and seamlessly deliver complex solutions across their enterprise. In the last five years alone, PGi has helped over one billion people from over 140 countries connect, collaborate, and achieve their business goals.

Global Meet by PGi

PGi cloud-based solutions deliver multi-point, real-time virtual collaboration using video, voice, and web-based technologies. PGi’s solutions are available via desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, helping businesses of every size in every industry be more productive, mobile, and green. Today, we serve over 50,000 customers and have a presence in 25 countries, with major offices in Atlanta, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, and Chicago.
PGi devotes significant resources to the innovation and development of new services and enhancements to existing services. This allows us to further our mission of providing each and every customer with the best collaboration experience.

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iMeet Live by PGi

Our company provides award-winning, industry-leading customer service through in-meeting support, online chat, and customer-driven support communities. For global organizations, PGi provides multilingual support and in-country conferencing ports, rates, and billing. With a Global Account Team of more than 700 professionals, PGi is always responsive to the needs of our customers.

Event Conferencing by PGi

Our infrastructure is supported by redundant network operations centers in Kansas City and Colorado Springs (United States), Clonakilty (Ireland), York (England), and Sydney (Australia), ensuring always available high-quality service and delivery.
PGi’s user-centric approach and constant striving to deliver innovative, industry-leading solutions give our company a unique perspective on the marketplace. We see the challenges that our customers experience every day, and we understand the business and technology trends that will impact them tomorrow.

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Global Meet Audio by PGi

One of PGi’s secrets to success lies within our technology and global infrastructure. Whether participants join an audio conference or web conference, users are guaranteed to have access to innovative and dependable products. Our network and global presence allows us to serve our customers virtually anywhere.
PGi also focuses on providing the highest levels of quality customer service to every client. Our unique Implementation Services Team (IST) creates a customized implementation plan to educate and support end-users, allowing a smooth transition critical to user success. Our approach to supporting means “around the clock” service, multi-lingual support, and a customized collaboration portal for our clients.
At PGi, we give our customers and their organizations a “Collaborative Advantage.” We know that better collaboration leads to better results. For us, it is not about technology. It’s about the people using the technology.

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